Nazar Written Update 14th November 2019: Vedashree is back

Nazar Written Update 14th November 2019: Vedashree is back

Nazar 14th November 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 14 Nov episode starts with Shekhar asking about Vedashri while Mohana shows the ashes. Piya tries to console Ansh while he is really disappointed.

At the same time, Nishant arrives and says he has a solution to separate Vedashree and Kalashri’s ashes. He also says they can bring Vedashree back with the help of Prathmayan’s hair.

Piya says the hair is not there while Nishant needs to hair. Mohana offers help while Ansh doesn’t need any help from her.

Mohana says he wants something in return while Piya and Ansh fight over taking help. Later, Piya gets successful in convincing Ansh in taking Mohana’s help.

Mohana says that she can also use her hair to make the Maha Daayan. Nishant says that he will separate the Jod using the stick.

Mohana instructs to kill Kalashri before the hair burns. She puts her hair and Vedashree returns. Nishant tries to use the stick and another Vedashree arrives.

It gets difficult to differentiate between Vedashree and Kalashri. Ansh kills one of them and is able to save Vedashree from becoming Maha Daayan.

Mohana asks for a favor from the Rathods and asks them to get involved in her happiness. She says that someone is coming to ask for her hand.

The written update of 14 November 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Piya and Vedashree agree to help Mohana.  

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