Nazar Written Update 15th July 2019: Ansh takes the big step

Nazar Written Update 15th July 2019: Ansh takes the big step

Nazar 15th July 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 15 Jul episode starts with Mohanna meeting Divya. Mohanna mocks at Divya for entering her life again to create troubles.

Divya and Mohanna get into an argument. Divya says she has returned for her daughter, Piya. Mohanna gets scared on seeing the stars getting aligned in the shape of a sword.

Mohanna questions Divya about the same. She snatches the potli from Divya’s hands and drops it on the floor.

A crystal ball comes out from the bag and bursts open. The ball shows them the future where the entire Rathod family is shown dead.

A voice states that the time for the final war has come. The evil powers and the pious powers will have to come face to face.

A sword comes out from the ball. Both Divya and Mohanna fail to pull out the sword from inside the crystal ball.

Piya and others look out for Divya in the house. They find Divya on the terrace. Piya shares her worry with Ansh. She says it is a miracle for her to meet her mother again.

Ansh shows the strand of Daayan vriksh from the terrace. He says there is something strange in all these coincidences. Ansh and Piya decide not to let anyone come in between them.

In the night, Ansh and Piya get shocked to see the glittering crystal ball and the sword. They reach out to Nishant for help in the morning.

Nishant says it is Pralay sword which indicates that something big is going to happen. Ansh says we will hide this sword from everyone.

Divya decides to stop Nishant and Ansh from moving out by creating an invisible wall. Ansh flies away with the sword and drops it in the sea.

The written update of 15 July 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

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