Nazar Written Update 15th May 2019: Ansh kills Rathod family

Nazar Written Update 15th May 2019: Ansh kills Rathod family

Nazar 15th May 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 15 May episode starts with Ansh stabbing Vedashri. He then stabs Chaitali, Avinash, and Shekhar. Ansh breaks down in tears. Mohanna comes there.

She pleads Ansh to stab her with the dagger. Ansh counters Mohanna for killing Rahul and putting the blame on Piya.

Ansh refuses to use the dagger on Mohanna. Mohanna falls down unconscious. Ansh then decides to kill Piya with the dagger.

Piya says that by going into the past their love story will end. She hugs Ansh while crying. Ansh stabs Piya with the dagger.

Ansh cries badly while sharing his pain with Munna. Munna turns into stone on seeing Ansh coming close to him.

Nishant gets angry on Ansh for sending everyone into the past in his attempt to save their lives. Ansh stabs himself with the dagger.

 Nishant advises Ansh to take Piya’s belonging with himself into the past as a memory. Ansh takes Piya’s earring as her memory.

Hira throttles Tara. Mayank comes to the room and finds Tara struggling to breathe. Before Mayank could see Hira, he turns into a parrot.

Tara tells Mayank that the parrot can turn into a human as well. Panna says all this is her dream. Mayank trusts Tara on seeing the fingerprints on Tara’s neck.

The written update of 15 May 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

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