Nazar Written Update 15th October 2019: Dev's ingenious plan

Nazar Written Update 15th October 2019: Dev's ingenious plan

Nazar 15th October 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 15 Oct episode starts with Nishant bringing the Devi Chakra to test Dev. Dev can pick the Chakra but does drama that he can’t pull out the Devi Chakra.

Rathods thinks that Piya has misunderstood Dev while Piya pushes Dev off the terrace to prove her point. Piya gets successful as Dev uses his powers to save himself.

Dev accepts he is a Devik and lights all the oil lamps with his powers. He says he has more powers than Piya while everyone wants to know why he was hiding his identity.

Meanwhile, Naman and Sanam are about to leave for their honeymoon but are interrupted by some bats. Sanam learns that her mother is coming.

Dev says he wanted to get married and that’s why he didn’t tell anyone. He lies about everything while Piya is still suspicious about his intentions.

Piya wants Dev and her aunt to shift into a hotel as she feels uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Dev tames Shekhar and Vedashree in saying Dev’s marriage will take place within a week.

Dev meets some woman whose eyes are glowing and says they will soon complete their mission as they have found a Devik after years of search.

Later, Piya confronts Dev who shows his powers to her. She is unable to handle the powers while Ansh also gets a shock on touching Piya.

The written update of 15 October 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Dev tells Piya to leave Ansh in order to keep him healthy.

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