Nazar Written Update 16th May 2019: Mohana travels back in time

Nazar Written Update 16th May 2019: Mohana travels back in time

Nazar 16th May 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 16 May episode starts with Ansh. He is stabbing Shakala’s dagger to all. The entire Rathore family travels back in past except for Mohana.

Two years ago, Vedishree is making arrangements for Ansh’s Shagun ceremony with Ruby. All are very excited. Vedishree looks for Ansh all over the place. Chaitali tells Vedishree that Ansh is still in his room.

Vedishree asks Ansh to get ready for the ceremony. She shares her happiness about finding Daivik for Ansh.

Ruby enters the house. Ruby’s presence makes the flowers turn black. Vedishree welcomes Ruby’s family.  Suddenly, she notices that the flowers have changed their color. Vedishree gets anxious and calls Pandit Ji. Vedishree guesses that Daayan has entered their house. Pandit Ji examines and confirms.

Pandit Ji comes with a solution. He drops some water in the floor and tells Vedishree that when Daayan will come in its contact, she would get exposed. Ruby lands up on the water and turns into Daayan. She hides in a room.

Ruby calls Mohana for help. Mohana wakes up and pulls out Shakala’s dagger. A flashback reveals that Mohana used the dagger on herself and traveled back in time.

Mohana remembers everything. She listens to Ruby’s call for help. Mohana learns that she has safely landed in the past. She decides to turn her fortune upside down.

Ruby lands up in trouble when the Mehndi lady discovers her Daayan avatar. Ruby kills her to hide the truth. Ansh also sees Ruby as Daayan. Ruby clarifies Ansh that he is a Daavansh and Daayan are meant to marry Daavansh.

Ansh refuses to marry Ruby.

The written update of 16 May 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Vedishree learns Ruby's truth. 

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