Nazar Written Update 17th February 2020: Mohana reveals the truth

Nazar Written Update 17th February 2020: Mohana reveals the truth

Nazar 17th February 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 17 Feb episode starts with Piya asking Mohana to complete the ritual. Panditji calls Piya and tries to reveal the truth but Mohana throws his phone.

Mohana and Piya start the ritual and bind into blood promise. They get a red bangle around their neck that will assure they keep their promise.

Nishant and Naman try to deduce how to defeat the challenger. Meanwhile, Vedashree is worried for the Pooja of Mahashivratri and the problems they have faced.

Nishant tries to put off the fire on the stick and deduces that Mohana’s challenger is made of Sanatan fire. Meanwhile, Ansh reveals that he is feeling more powerful after getting healed.

Ansh is able to hold and control things while Piya wants to tell Nishant about the same. However, Ansh doesn’t want her to tell anyone as it is not that important.

Rathods are all set to go to their Kul Devta temple while Mohana stops them from going. They ask her to come along while Mohana argues with them about being in danger.

Nishant has brought Panditji home and tries to reveal about Ansh. However, he gets unconscious while Nishant and others think that Ansh is in danger.

Piya, Ansh, and Mohana decide to set a trap for the challenger while others go for the Pooja of Lord Shiva. Later, Nishant comes and reveals that the challenger can be defeated using Sanatan Agni.

Piya puts Sanatan Agni into the trap while Mohana starts laughing and reveals that the challenger is Ansh.

The written update of 17 February 2020  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Piya decides to kill Mohana but Ansh comes in between. 

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