Nazar Written Update 17th January 2020: Ansh turns evil

Nazar Written Update 17th January 2020: Ansh turns evil

Nazar 17th January 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 17 Jan episode starts with Ansh still being unconscious because of Do Chaand Raat Ras. He gains consciousness and gets disturbed with all the light in the room.

Piya decides to call Nishant but Ansh takes the phone and crushes into pieces. He talks rudely to everyone and starts ordering the family members.

He wants them to start preparing for his ritual of becoming the king. He also pushes Vedashree and starts shouting at them. Meanwhile, Naman wants to bring Sanam back and tells Saavi about it.

Ansh continues to get angry at Rathods and even throws Adi down when he makes a mistake. Nishant calls Ansh and enquires about Piya while Ansh invites him for the party.

Piya tries to console Ansh in believing that he can’t be evil. Ansh acts of being good for a while and then again comes to his evil form.

Nishant decides to help Rathods while the creatures in his house want to go to their king. Meanwhile, Ansh gets uncomfortably close to Piya and acts all evil.

Naman finds Sanam can come outside from the portrait. Sanam wants Naman and Dafli to come inside instead and live with her.

Ansh wants to eat food with Piya alone while Vedashree has mixed sleep medicine in Ansh’s food. Piya feeds the food to Ansh and he falls asleep.

The written update of 17 January 2020  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Rathods decide to escape in the lift while Ansh breaks the lift.

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