Nazar Written Update 17th May 2019: Ansh recalls past memories

Nazar Written Update 17th May 2019: Ansh recalls past memories

Nazar 17th May 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 17 May episode starts with Ansh refusing to marry Ruby. Ruby and Mohanna spell Ansh and stop him from exposing Ruby in front of Vedashri.

Mohanna instructs Ansh to inform Vedashri that he wants to marry Ruby today itself. Meanwhile, Piya’s earring gets stuck in the kurta of the milkman.

The milkman drops the earring on the floor. Vedashri and Panditji get tensed on seeing the inverted footprints of the Daayan.

Ansh heads towards Vedashri while recalling Mohanna’s instructions. Vedashri and Panditji lay a trap for Daayan to find her true identity.

They heave a sigh of relief on seeing Ruby’s normal footprints. Ansh tells Vedashri that he wants to marry Ruby today.

The Rathod family members agree to Ansh’s request. Ruby and Mohanna get happy. While coming to the mandap, Ansh touches Piya’s earring.

The Daayan spell breaks and he recalls everything from the past. Ansh breaks down in tears when he realizes that his family members do not remember anything.

Ansh refuses to marry Ruby by saying that she is a Daayan. Mohanna instructs Ruby to marry Ansh at every cost.

Ruby crawls up the wall and shows her Daayan avatar when Shekhar tries to throw gangajal on her. Ruby vanishes.

The written update of 17 May 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Mohanna meets Piya.

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