Nazar Written Update 17th September 2019: Bhasmika to possess Piya's body

Nazar Written Update 17th September 2019: Bhasmika to possess Piya's body

Nazar 17th September 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 17 Sep episode starts with Vedashree showing Ansh that Mohana is glowing while turned into stone. Avinash proposes to take Mohana to Bandaap.

Pari and Adi get an idea to bring Piya back and calls her mother. She says Ansh is not home while he is visiting Piya to get her back.

At the same time, Piya feels someone’s presence while a grey smoke enters from the window. She goes in the balcony to find Ansh flying nearby.

Ansh asks Piya to stay with Adi and Pari while they go to Bandaap to leave Mohana. He wants her to come to Rathod house while Piya sees Adi and Pari in the car.

Saavi tells Naman about Bhasmika’s nail glowing when Naman and Sanam are planning to go for a honeymoon.

Meanwhile, Piya asks Ansh to leave Pari and Adi in her house. Later, Bhasmika’s smoke enters in Piya’s body.

Bhasmika comes out of Piya’s body and takes her form. She says she will marry Ansh while being Piya. She further says nobody will be able to listen or see real Piya.

Bhasmika comes in Piya’s form to stop Ansh and Nishant from taking Mohana to Bandaap. At the same time, Naman and Saavi try to deduce why Bhasmika’s nail is glowing.

The written update of 17 September 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Bhasmika comes Piya’s form to get Mohana free while Ansh can hear the voice of Piya’s earring. 

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