Nazar Written Update 18th December 2019: CBI at Rathod house

Nazar Written Update 18th December 2019: CBI at Rathod house

Nazar 18th December 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 18 Dec episode starts with Ansh getting emotional to see his mother in serious condition. Ansh wonders if it is an accident or somebody planned it.

Piya blames herself for Vedashree’s condition. She explains that she trapped the criminal but he somehow escaped. At the same time, Abhay arrives from CBI to find the criminal.

Abhay says that their family experiences various hurdles on most days. Avinash doesn’t want to tell the truth to Abhay and asks everyone to let him handle.

Naman gets worried about Dhafli’s game of getting invisible. At the same time, Abhay investigates about footprints of the criminal while the criminal is hanging over them.

Ansh distracts Abhay but he continues to question them. Later, Ansh catches the criminal and takes him upstairs while Abhay leaves.

They all find out that the criminal is old now and it has to be a Daayan’s work. At the same time, Abhay again arrives to take a selfie with them.

He further wishes to stay with them to investigate. Ansh and Piya work as a team to hide the body while others wonder where they should hide the body.

Saavi deduces that Dhafli goes to the place whose picture she sees.

The written update of 18 December 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Avinash gets worried about the situations they are put into while Mohana gets delighted. 

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