Nazar Written Update 18th February 2020: The end of Mohana

Nazar Written Update 18th February 2020: The end of Mohana

Nazar 18th February 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 18 Feb episode starts with Mohana declaring that her challenger is Ansh. Nobody is ready to believe that Ansh is the challenger. Mohana reveals that the ball of fire was to give energy to Ansh.

She further reveals that she burnt the cave of Prathmayan and dried the Uttar Jheel. Piya refuses to attack Ansh and wants to kill Mohana instead.

But she is gripped by the Rakt Bandhan ring around her neck. Ansh comes in between to save her and falls in the pit of fire. Piya also falls in the pit and tries to wake Ansh up.

Meanwhile, Vedashree gets devastated and is not able to believe Ansh and Piya can die. Mohana declares that she will be honored with the Raj Tilak.

Panditji arrives at the same time and reveals that Ansh was supposed to die but will get more powerful after being in Sanatan Agni.

Ansh comes back from the dead and gets out of the pit with Piya. Mohana is shocked but is sure that she has won the battle. Ansh and Piya start dong Tandav and Mohana falls off the chair.

Ansh holds Mohana by her neck and starts sucking her soul. He throws her in the pit of Sanatan Agni and they get rid of Mohana forever. Ansh breaks the crown and throws in the pit. Rathod family celebrate a happy moment and hug each other.

The written update of 18 February 2020  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Mohana returns in a new avatar and tries to kill a boy.

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