Nazar Written Update 18th October 2019: Piya in a tough spot

Nazar Written Update 18th October 2019: Piya in a tough spot

Nazar 18th October 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 18 Oct episode starts with Nishant saying that Dev is right and that he has helped Divya in catching many evil souls. Vedashree and others in the family also think Dev is right.

They further think that Piya is the reason behind Ansh’s condition. Nishant further asks Dev how they can save Ansh while Dev says Piya has to marry him.

Piya doesn’t want to marry Dev while Dev has controlled everyone and wants them to convince Piya. Meanwhile, Naman has kidnapped Saavi for Sanam’s mother.

Vedashree requests Piya to marry Dev to save her son Ansh. Meanwhile, Naman asks for Saavi’s help while Saavi decide to kill Sanam’s mother.

Piya is disappointed in everyone for believing Dev including Nishant. At the same time, Saavi and Naman try to find some solution while Sanam brings her mother.

Later, Piya meets Ansh and blames herself for his condition. Ansh wants Piya to believe in their relationship and not to give up.

Nishant gets suspicious with Shekhar and Vedashree’s behavior and wonders if he has mistaken Dev. Piya prays to Goddess and seeks guidance.

Ansh wakes up and remembers about putting his foot on some liquid. He touches the liquid again and gets a shock. He further touches the pink plants and gets a shock.

He decides to go see his neighbor’s house and finds Dev with some woman. Dev says that he has got powers from evil souls too.

The written update of 18 October 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Ansh confronts Dev but Dev uses his powers to attack him. 

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