Nazar Written Update 18th September 2019: Mohana to escape

Nazar Written Update 18th September 2019: Mohana to escape

Nazar 18th September 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 18 Sep episode starts with Piya realizing she is invisible and that her children can see Bhasmika instead. Piya feels helpless while Bhasmika leaves without telling anything.

Bhasmika comes into tempo to meet Mohana and tries to open her box. Ansh hears Piya’s earrings and decides to check in the tempo.

He finds no one but decides to stay behind to keep an eye. They reach Bandaap and Guru Maa says they need to bind Mohana like before.

They all use various ingredients to perform the ritual. Nishant says it will take at least one day to bind Mohana in the temple. Meanwhile, Saavi and Naman deduce that Bhasmika is still alive as her nail is glowing.

Guru Maa says they need to pray to the goddess for trapping Mohana early while Bhasmika tries to help Mohana in escaping.

Bhasmika gets trapped in an invisible wall around Mohana. She turns Mohana alive and asks her to help find a way out.

Mohana asks Bhasmika to use Piya’s knife but she fails in breaking the wall. They later find Adi’s bangle with Piya’s body and decide to use it.

The oil lamps start burning and Mohana is unable to escape but pushes Bhasmika out of the wall. Mohana tells Bhasmika to complete their mission with her powers.

The written update of 18 September 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Guru Maa sees Bhasmika in Piya’s body and discovers she is not the real Piya.

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