Nazar Written Update 19th August 2019: Piya meets Adi

Nazar Written Update 19th August 2019: Piya meets Adi

Nazar 19th August 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 19 Aug episode starts with Urvasi following Adi in the jungle. He catches him and takes him to the top of a building. He gets scared and trips from the terrace.

At the same time, Pari comes following her Rakhi and sees Adi hanging on the terrace. She uses her powers to save Adi and jumps off the terrace.

Piya witnesses everything and realizes Pari has powers. She meets Pari’s new friend and realizes he is her son Aditya.

Ansh calls for Adi while Piya decides to hide from him. Later, Piya discusses Pari’s powers with Nishant. She wants her to protect Pari in the same way as Adi.

Adi comes home and Vedashree gets worried to see marks on his arms. Urvashi gets shocked to see him alive and well.

Adi is about to tell about Urvashi but she comes in front of him and scares him. Later, Ansh tells Urvashi that he wants to bring Piya back in Adi’s life.

Ansh further decides to give the engagement ring back to Urvashi and decides to break the marriage.

Urvashi informs Mohana everything and says Adi is the problem in their relationship. She also tells about Ansh deciding to bring Piya back in his life.

Meanwhile, Nishant decides to use the ashes of proofs to find out about the black power. He deduces from the test that the evil power is a mixture of all black powers.

The written update of 19 August 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Urvashi decides to leave Rathod house while Ansh arrives with an injured Mohana.

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