Nazar Written Update 19th December 2019: Ansh-Piya in trouble

Nazar Written Update 19th December 2019: Ansh-Piya in trouble

Nazar 19th December 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 19 Dec episode starts with Ansh trying to open the door of the guest room. He pushes it a little harder and the door falls apart. Later, Piya learns that they will not be able to control their powers.

Avinash gets worried about the situations in the house. Mohana in the form of Pari talks to Abhay and says she just speaks the truth.

Ansh decides to get the body of the criminal out of the house by using Chhalayan Zap. Meanwhile, Abhay asks Pari to take him to the window where she saw the criminal.

Mohana lies to Abhay as Pari and tries to create a wrong image of Piya. Abhay is in Vedashree’s room and wonders why there are nail marks on her hand.

Piya asks Pari to not use her powers and not tell anything to Abhay. Later, Piya wonders if Mohana is still in Bandaap or not while Ansh doesn’t know a way to find out.

Piya asks Nishant to find out about Mohana. Nishant decides to use Dhafli to find out about Mohana. Meanwhile, Ansh and Piya are taking the body out of the house.

The effect of Chhallayan zap reduces and Abhay is also roaming around in the house. They again put the zap but Abhay arrives. Naman doesn’t want to put Dufli’s life in danger while Nishant assures him that he won’t let anything happen to his daughter.

The written update of 19 December 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Abhay accuses Piya of trying to kill Vedashree and gets her arrested. 

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