Nazar Written Update 19th July 2019: Rathods team up

Nazar Written Update 19th July 2019: Rathods team up

Nazar 19th July 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 19 Jul episode starts with Nishant telling Rathods to leave the house. He fears of Mohana and Divya’s intentions. Ansh is suspicious that Divya is playing Mohana as well.

The Rathods decide to stay and fight what’s coming. All of them decide to team up and fight against Divya and Mohana.

Meanwhile, Panna comes from the window to take the other two stones. Sanam gets delighted to see her get trapped.

Rathods are still preparing to protect themselves.

Mohana and Divya ask the witch tree to tell the place where the sword is hidden. They both learn the sword is at Rathod house.

They both arrive at Rathod house while Rathod's are still preparing. Chaitali tries to stop Mohana but fails.

Panna threatens to erase their memory while Guru Maa tries to snatch stones from her. The stone reaches near the other stones and produces a lot of light blinding everyone.

Mohana and Divya confirm that they knew Ansh was lying and so decided to search for the sword instead.

The trap for them is not completed, so both they start searching for the sword in the house. Piya gives a signal to Ansh.

Later, Panna and Sanam discover they have lost their powers.

The written update of 19 July 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Everyone finds out that only Adi can get the sword out of the rock.

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