Nazar Written Update 20th January 2020: Ansh is possessed

Nazar Written Update 20th January 2020: Ansh is possessed

Nazar 20th January 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 20 Jan episode starts with Piya thinking that Ansh is falling asleep as Vedashree said. However, Ansh is awake and knows what she is thinking.

Ansh is able to read everyone’s mind while Piya locks Ansh’s feet with a chain. Rathods run to get into the lift but Piya is not able to get in the lift.

Ansh arrives and breaks the lift. He asks Piya to follow his orders if she wishes to save her family. Meanwhile, Nishant is worried about Ansh getting the title of king.

Ansh asks the Rathods to take care of his guests who are basically a mixture of all evil powers. Piya learns from Adrishi that if the black cloth falls on Ansh, he won’t be the same again.

Naman decides to die and give his belongings to Nishant and Saavi. Elsewhere, Piya and everyone else dances to please Ansh in his party.

Ansh gets the black coat using his powers but the coat stops midair. Ansh identifies Adrishi and holds him by his neck. Ansh leaves Adrishi on Piya’s request.

He asks Piya to put the black coat on him. Piya puts the black coat on him but later puts a knife in his back to tear the coat.

Ansh is not hurt as he is very powerful and asks Piya to come with him. Piya asks Ansh to stay just for one night in the house with the family.

The written update of 20 January 2020  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Mohana asks Ansh to kill Piya.

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