Nazar Written Update 20th May 2019: Mohanna traps Piya

Nazar Written Update 20th May 2019: Mohanna traps Piya

Nazar 20th May 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 20 May episode starts with Mohanna getting tensed about finding a way out from the pious mantra trap. Rathod family discuss about Ruby Daayan.

Ansh longs for Piya. He craves for her and decides to find her at the earliest so that he can bring Munna back to life.

Mohanna states that as now Ansh remembers about Piya he will surely go out to search for her. Mohanna gets tensed.

Piya enters the picture. The chants of the mantras haunt Mohanna. Vedashri s worried about Ansh’s strange behavior.

Piya tells Guruma that she is going to Mumbai. Mohanna overhears everything. She says that she can never let Ansh and Piya reunite.

Ansh tries to tell his family members that he remembers their past but they don’t. Ansh asks Rathod family members to touch Piya’s earring.

Ansh says they will remember everything upon touching the earring. The family members touch the earring but fail to recall anything.

The family members try to stop Ansh from moving out but Ansh comes in his Daavansh avatar and steps out.

Ansh sees Piya at a random place. Before they could meet, Mohanna takes Piya away. She binds Piya in a Daayan chakra.

Mohanna shows her Daayan avatar to Piya and spells her to follow her instructions.

Ansh comes to Piya’s college. He follows a girl and calls out Piya’s name. The girl stops. Ansh gets shocked to see Mohanna.

The written update of 20 May 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Mohanna attacks Piya.

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