Nazar Written Update 21st August 2019: Mohana fools the Rathods

Nazar Written Update 21st August 2019: Mohana fools the Rathods

Nazar 21st August 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 21 Aug episode starts with Chaitali questioning about Mohana’s arrival at their home. Everyone question from Ansh about bringing Mohana even after her intensions.

Vedashree gets mad at Ansh and throws Mohana out of her house. Before leaving, Mohana says Aditya’s life is in danger.

Vedashree stops the lift and listens to her. Meanwhile, Nishant and Saavi come to a Patal Ketki waterfall and seek answers to their questions.

Mohana reveals that there is some black power that is after Adi. Vedashree starts to believe Mohana while Shekhar still doubts her.

Urvashi says she will stay with them in that hard time. Later, Urvashi traps Adi in fire and starts to threaten him again.

Adi remembers Pari’s powers and thinks she might be able to help him. Later, Ansh comes to drop Adi at school while Piya is about to leave with Pari.

Pari wishes to meet her friend for last time and bumps into Ansh. Adi and Pari search for each other and Adi come to know that Pari is leaving school.

Mohana and Urvashi decide their plan of action. Later, Adi runs to meet Pari but fails as Ansh tells him to give the exam first.

Naman is still worried about Sanam and refuses to take help from Saavi.

The written update of 21 August 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

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