Nazar Written Update 21st January 2020: Ansh-Piya get romantic

Nazar Written Update 21st January 2020: Ansh-Piya get romantic

Nazar 21st January 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 21 Jan episode starts with Avinash declaring they just have one night to save Ansh. They check the papers given by Adrishi while Ansh and Piya share romantic moments.

Rathods try to deduce what is written in the slips. They deduce that Makar Sankranti’s sun can burn the black coat. Ansh arrives at the same time and says they will leave before the sun rises.

Ansh wishes to go with Piya while the family members ask him to stay for celebrating Lohri festival. Meanwhile, Naman starts giving his belongings to Saavi while Saavi wants to force Sanam in returning.

Rathods are about to celebrate Lohri when Mohana arrives. She reveals that Barkha died that day and she was staying as Barkha since then.

She further says that she wanted Ansh to become the king as he would turn evil. Mohana asks Ansh to kill Piya before leaving as she is the enemy of evil powers.

Ansh doesn’t want to kill Piya and also has her knife. At last, Ansh agrees to kill Piya and approaches her while Mohana traps other Rathods in her braid.

Naman redecorates the house and ignores Sanam. He also acts of flirting with Saavi to make Sanam jealous. Piya tries to attack Ansh while Ansh attacks back.

Piya again attacks Ansh and her knife breaks Mohana’s braid.

The written update of 21 January 2020  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: The sun rays fall on Ansh and Nishant traps the Do Chaand Ras in a Pyaala. 

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