Nazar Written Update 21st June 2019: Piya doubts Vedashri

Nazar Written Update 21st June 2019: Piya doubts Vedashri

Nazar 21st June 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 21 Jun episode starts with Ansh pampering Adi by flaunting his wings. He feels guilty for falling prey to Mohanna’s words.

Piya tells Ansh that Mohanna has challenged her that Ansh will throw her out of this house within a week. Ansh advises Piya not to pay heed to Mohanna’s words.

Mohanna talks to herself and says that she will compel Ansh and Piya to follow all her instructions. She adds that she will separate Ansh and Piya within a week.

In the morning, the Rathod family members start the preparations for Adi’s birthday.

Naman is worried thinking about Saavi’s ultimatum. Sanam comes to him and asks her to focus only on his work. Naman gets happy.

Mohanna instructs Vedashri to hang Adi from the balcony. Vedashri does the same. Piya comes and takes away Adi from her hands.

Ansh comes there. Vedashri says she was just playing with Adi. Piya says she got scared when she sees Adi hanging from the balcony.

Vedashri says if Piya doesn’t want then she will not play with Adi ever. Ansh gets angry on Piya. Vedashri celebrates her success.

Sanam comes to Nishant’s house to give food to Naman. Saavi gets upset on seeing her.

Piya gets tensed when she sees Vedashri sabotaging the chandelier. Piya avoids giving Adi to Vedashri. Vedashri asks Ansh if Piya is worried about something.

Naman and Saavi get shocked to see Panna missing from her cabin.

The written update of 21 June 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

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