Nazar Written Update 21st May 2019: Vedashri recalls past

Nazar Written Update 21st May 2019: Vedashri recalls past

Nazar 21st May 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 21 May episode starts with Mohanna telling Ansh that she will never let him unite with Piya this time.

Mohanna tells Ansh that she stabbed herself with the special dagger and came into the past. She says she will not let Munna take birth.

Ansh warns Mohanna by stating that she can never separate him from Piya. She gives Piya’s earring to Ansh and vanishes.

Vedashri decides to take a bold step to protect Ansh. She says Ansh’s life is in danger. Avinash and Shekhar try to stop her.

Ansh comes back home. Ansh sees Adi’s statue and gets overwhelmed. He asks Munna not to worry as he will soon bring him to life.

Mohanna wraps Piya in Daayan vriksh. Piya pleads Mohanna to free her. Mohanna states that soon she will die. Piya cries for help.

The trees cover Piya. Mohanna gets scared. She throws Heemketki on Piya and says that under the moon Piya will freeze to death.

Nishant comes to Rathod house and ties Ansh in a special strand. He fails to remember Ansh and Piya. Nishant tries to stop Ansh from moving out.

Nishant approaches with the trivaar towards Ansh. Vedashri stops Nishant. Vedashri and Chaitali remember everything as they touched Piya’s earring.

Piya lies unconscious in front of Mohanna. She sprays something on her.

Ansh tells everything to Nishant but he fails to trust him. Nishant touches the earring.

The written update of 21 May 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

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