Nazar Written Update 22nd January 2020: Ansh is cured

Nazar Written Update 22nd January 2020: Ansh is cured

Nazar 22nd January 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 22 Jan episode starts with Piya attacking Ansh and asking Rathods to put out the curtains. Mohana traps the Rathods using her braid while the sunlight falls on Ansh.

Nishant arrives with the cup and traps the Do Chaand Raat Ras coming out of Ansh. Mohana wishes to drink the Do Chaand Raat Ras but Piya throws it on Adrishi.

Adrishi becomes visible while Ansh is also cured. He apologizes for his behavior while Piya assures him that it was not his fault.

Nishant says they will call him Aayush while Vedashree also thanks to him. Nishant says they still have to be alert as Mohana will be planning her next move.

Mohana is blamed by evil powers and Chandraveshis while Mohana explains her innocence. She wants them to bring back Ansh as their king.

Naman and Saavi act as if they are about to get married. Later, Ansh gets unconscious because of sunlight and his eyes also turn red.

Naman continues to act as if he is about to get married. Elsewhere, Nishant declares that whole Do Chaand Raat Ras has not released from Ansh.

Nishant says they can cleanse him using sunlight. Ansh is kept in sunlight and he shouts in pain as Do Chaand Raat Ras eliminates from his body.

Piya is not able to see Ansh in pain and uses powers to cover the sun with clouds. Meanwhile, Naman takes the ring from Sanam for Saavi.

The written update of 22 January 2020  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Ansh apologizes to Piya while later is unable to tolerate the moonlight. 

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