Nazar Written Update 23rd December 2019: Ansh gets shot

Nazar Written Update 23rd December 2019: Ansh gets shot

Nazar 23rd December 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 23 Dec episode starts with Ansh getting worried for Piya getting trapped in a false case. He leaves in anger while Piya is mocked by Abhay.

They lock her in the jail while Avinash hires constables to keep Ansh inside the house. Ansh jumps off the terrace while Mohana as Pari helps in him landing on the ground.

Pari tells Avinash that Ansh has gone to get Piya. Avinash informs Abhay that Ansh might come to take Piya so they should stay alert.

Avinash doesn’t want Ansh and Piya to get trapped further in the case. Meanwhile, Abhay confronts Ansh in the station and wants him to not act stupid.

Piya is transferred to another jail while Ansh uses his powers to take Piya along with him. At the same time, Saavi and Nishant try to deduce Mohana’s feet condition.

They get information from Chudail Shastra with the help of Dafli that Mohana’s half soul is present inside her body. Nishant deduces that half of her life is outside the box.

Piya and Ansh continue to run from the police and they also cross a river to get saved. Meanwhile, Chaitali and Shekhar witness that Pari is laughing watching action films.

Ansh gets shot while Piya gets worried for him. Ansh is not able to heal his wounds while Piya decides to search for herbs to heal him.

The written update of 23 December 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Ansh and Piya deduce that Pari has changed while Avinash arrests them. 

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