Nazar Written Update 23rd September 2019: Mohana's shocking move

Nazar Written Update 23rd September 2019: Mohana's shocking move

Nazar 23rd September 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 23 Sep episode starts with Ansh returning home with Piya. Pari and Adi get delighted to see their mother. Meanwhile, Mohana tries to escape the wall of Mantras.

At the same time, Bhasmika comes in Guru Maa’s body and wishes to tell the good news. She is about to give the pearl to Mohana when Nishant stops her.

Vedashree and others start the preparations for Pari’s birthday. Pari uses her powers to save the tray full of food from falling.

Piya and Ansh want their kids to use powers only in need and not for playing. Meanwhile, Nishant asks for the pearl from Bhasmika.

Bhasmika gets inside the wall of Mantras. Mohana takes the whole powers of Bhasmika inside her and says she made Bhasmika only to gain the pearl.

Mohana searches for the pearl while it is with Guru Maa. Nishant keeps the pearl in a glass box and decides to find out about it.

Mohana decides to use Adi’s bangle to escape the Mantra wall. At the same time, the pearl keeps on getting bigger and takes the shape of an egg.

Pari and Adi decide to stay away from Mohana’s stuff. Adi wonders why his parents can’t forgive their grandmother.

Nishant and Saavi see some black power growing inside the egg.

The written update of 23 September 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: The Rathod family celebrates Vedashree and Pari’s birthday.

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