Nazar Written Update 24th December 2019: Piya deduces the truth

Nazar Written Update 24th December 2019: Piya deduces the truth

Nazar 24th December 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 24 Dec episode starts with Abhay and his team searching for Piya and Ansh. They get saved while Ansh thinks Piya’s powers were the reason the wall broke.

Piya is suspicious about Pari as she is acting weird. They decide to leave to save their family but are interrupted by Avinash. He arrests them as he has no other option left.

Avinash later helps Ansh and Piya in saving themselves from Abhay. They meet Nishant and learn that Mohana has only half her soul.

They all deduce that Pari has a half-life of Mohana inside her. Nishant says that they are trying to find a way to remove Mohana’s life from Pari.

Their method fails but Nishant decides not to give up. He receives a call from Chaitali and asks her to throw a party. Abhay learns about the party and reaches Rathod house.

Ansh and Piya also arrive at Rathod house to expose Mohana. Meanwhile, Nishant and Saavi deduce that Pran Pyala is related to saving Pari from Mohana.

Rathods dress in masks to distract the police while Mohana goes into her room. She has Vedashree all tied with a rope and confronts Piya and Ansh.

She further threatens to kill Vedashree and gives her an electric shock. Mohana as Pari further reveals in front of Abhay that Piya and Ansh are in Vedashree’s room.

The written update of 24 December 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Abhay thinks Piya and Ansh were trying to kill Vedashree.

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