Nazar Written Update 24th July 2019: Ansh and Piya lose their powers

Nazar Written Update 24th July 2019: Ansh and Piya lose their powers

Nazar 24th July 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 24 Jul episode starts with Ansh and Piya entering the gate. They find out that the sword is not coming to the other side of the door. Ansh tries to take it but the door closes.

They try to go around the door but fail. They search for the sword and Ansh saves Piya by taking the sword in his hand.

Piya gets scared for Ansh and reminds him of the prophecy. She fears Ansh’s existence will get harmed.

Meanwhile, Sanam decides to take the side of the evil powers.

Ansh and Piya find various wells and wonder which one is the right. They decide to use the sword to get to the right well.

Nishant and Saavi still try to figure out a way to stop the war. They wish to get some power of the evil and at the same time, Naman comes with Sanam’s bangles.

Ansh and Piya get successful in finding the correct well.

Nishant makes a powder to stop Mohana and Divya. He coats the powder on the bullets to hit it inside them. He says Mohana and Divya will die with the bullets.

Ansh and Piya discover they can’t use their powers in the well.

Later, Nishant finds out Mohana and Divya are set free and gone.

The written update of 24 July 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Nishant announces that Piya and Ansh are alone in fighting the three powers. 

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