Nazar Written Update 25th September 2019: Mohana to control Pari

Nazar Written Update 25th September 2019: Mohana to control Pari

Nazar 25th September 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 25 Sep episode starts with Mohana instructing Pari to wake up. Pari decides to search for the egg while Piya also wakes up and comes outside.

Piya finds Pari on the terrace and instructs her to go sleep in her room. She is suspicious about Pari and tells this to Ansh.

Mohana instructs Pari to keep the egg safe. Meanwhile, Nishant gets mad at Naman for not being able to keep the egg safe.

Nishant sees burn marks on his hands. At the same time, Pari has kept the egg on the bed and Adi gets current from it.

Later, Pari follows Mohana’s instructions and jumps from the balcony with the egg. She reaches with the egg to Bandaap Temple and frees Mohana from the Mantras wall.

Mohana and Pari dance in front of a Baraat and cast a spell on the people. They both start eating the souls of people making them old.

Meanwhile, Adi takes a giant form and searches for Pari. He informs Piya and Ansh about Pari being missing since morning. Pari returns home and lies about being in the play area. Adi shows his hand and Ansh asks Nishant about the burn marks.

The written update of 25 September 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Mohana uses Pari to execute her plan.

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