Nazar Written Update 26th July 2019: Divya's using Adi for her evil plan

Nazar Written Update 26th July 2019: Divya's using Adi for her evil plan

Nazar 26th July 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 26 Jul episode starts with Mohana enquiring from Divya about the reason to take Adi. Divya tells her she will use Adi to get the sword and manipulates Adi to come in his original state.

Divya traps Mohana with the tree and starts her conquest for the sword.

Meanwhile, Piya and Ansh try to figure out a way to cross the bridge. Piya decides to cross the bridge with her eyes closed while Ansh guides her.

She is about to throw the sword when Divya arrives and stops her. She threatens to jump with Adi in the lava if she doesn’t get the sword.

Piya gives the sword to Divya.

Guru Maa successfully throws the precious stone in the temple. Later, Piya and Ansh successfully save Adif from Divya.

At Rathore house, Nishant gives Kavach necklace to everyone to get saved from Mohana and Divya. Mohana arrives and tries to manipulate everyone against Nishant.

She tries to scare Vedashree about Ansh getting killed by Reevavanshis. Nishant declares Divya can’t do anything with the sword without their help.

Later, Divya reveals she is using Adi to start the war and complete her motives. She uses her magic on Adi to turn him into a snake.

The written update of 26 July 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Divya uses Adi for her evil plan while Piya wonders about her mother’s next move.

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