Nazar Written Update 26th November 2019: Ansh's outrageous behavior

Nazar Written Update 26th November 2019: Ansh's outrageous behavior

Nazar 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 26 Nov episode starts with 

Chaitali and Vedashree wishing that Mohana stays away from their life. Nishant is unable to tell them that new trouble is arriving their way.

Ansh is upset with his actions and seeks help from someone. He knows that Mohana is coming and soon he has to suffer the result of his deed.

Mohana escapes the temple while Piya witnesses Ansh talking to someone. Piya thanks him for saving them and wonders if Ansh is okay.

Saavi wants Nishant to tell some truth to Piya. Meanwhile, Mohana takes energy from the people of the entire bus and drives the bus herself.

Later, Nishant calls Piya but Ansh picks up the phone. He reveals that the ritual performed by Ansh might turn him evil just like his mother Mohana.

Ansh thinks of a plan to save his family while he later sees Mohana in the nearby building. Mohana gives two days' time to Ansh and he knows he has to save his family within that period.

Sanam reveals that her necklace is shining and Naman is also missing. Ansh decides to become bad towards his family to save them the pain.

The family gets upset with Ansh’s rude behavior and they later get shocked to see Ansh holding Avinash by his neck over the terrace.

Piya tries to contact Nishant but his phone is off. She later witnesses Ansh teaching bad things to the kids.

The written update of 26 November 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Ansh throws Adi off the terrace while everyone gets shocked. 

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