Nazar Written Update 27th August 2019: Adi learns about his mother

Nazar Written Update 27th August 2019: Adi learns about his mother

Nazar 27th August 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 27 Aug episode starts with Pari using her braid to stop Urvashi from breaking the Dahi Handi. Adi wishes to break the Matki and breaks it in a single shot.

Pari sees Ansh and realizes he is her father. Meanwhile, Adi mocks Urvashi for loosing while Urvashi feels weird when Adi doesn’t get scared of her.

Pari shows the photograph to Adi and enquires about it. Adi wonders if they are brother-sister. Vedashree and Shekhar come and see the photograph with Adi.

Adi enquires about the lady in the photograph and Vedashree tells him that she is his mother. He further asks why his parents live separately.

They try to console him by saying both of them are angry with each other so don’t live together. Pari listens to everything and starts crying.

At the same time, Urvashi wonders why Adi is not scared of her and how he was easily able to break the Dahi Handi.

Naman disguises as a movie star to get close to Sanam. Later, Adi and Pari decide to pray to God for their parents to meet.

Ansh stops at a Lantern Festival and remembers about Piya. At the same time, Piya is also there and decides to light a lantern. Ansh and Piya release their lanterns at the same time and come face to face after years.

The written update of 27 August 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

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