Nazar Written Update 27th January 2020: Ansh-Piya's romantic dream

Nazar Written Update 27th January 2020: Ansh-Piya's romantic dream

Nazar 27th January 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 27 Jan episode starts with Ansh and Piya where the family members are. Meanwhile, Mohana tortures the Rathods while Ansh and Piya can see them suffering.

Nishant arrives and tells them that Rathods are in Swapnalok. He also says that it is a very dangerous place and someone might be torturing them.

Vedashree’s pulse rate increases while Pari’s feet start turning green. Mohana also points a gun at Avinash while decides to kill Shekhar on her own.

She also traps Adi in the walls while surrounding Chaitali with a lot of snakes. Nishant wants Ansh and Piya to go to Swapnalok to inform family members that they are watching a dream.

He gives a chemical to Ansh and Piya and gives a separate bottle to Ansh that can remind him that it is a dream. In the dream, Ansh and Piya share some romantic moments together.

Later, Ansh and Piya enter Swapnalok where they face Mohana. However, they don’t remember anything and the bottle also falls off Ansh’s pocket.

Nishant wants Ansh to open the bottle so that he can give the signal to Ansh. Ansh opens the bottle while Nishant gets the signal. Nishant is not able to tell Ansh as Ayush attacks him.

The Rathod family reunites in the Swapnalok and find a lot of Mohanas. Meanwhile, Nishant is tied to a chair by Ayush who threatens him.

The written update of 27 January 2020  Nazar episode full story ends.

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