Nazar Written Update 27th June 2019: Piya's changed behaviour

Nazar Written Update 27th June 2019: Piya's changed behaviour

Nazar 27th June 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 27 Jun episode starts with Mohana starts sucking Vedashree’s soul.

Piya tells Mohana she will do anything she says.

Mohana asks Piya to leave Ansh and that too by breaking his heart. Piya agrees.

Ansh asks Piya why she left Vedashree alone.

Piya talks rudely to Ansh which Ansh finds weird.

Doctor says Vedashree can go home and she is recovering.

Vedashree asks about Piya. Ansh’s father tells him to bring Piya.

Piya again talks rudely to Ansh and tells him she can’t stay glued to his family.

She tells him she wants a separate home.

Shekhar tells Ansh and Piya not to mention the details of the incident to Vedashree.

Vedashree tells Piya that she remembers everything and it is not Piya’s fault.

Vedahsree also tells Piya to not blame herself and forget everything.

Piya says to Vedashree that it was stupid of her get bound with Mohana.

Piya also says that she is there to solve their problems.

She comes out of the room and starts crying.

Later, Sanam takes the form of Guru Maa to know about Guru Maa’s secret.

Sanam finds Guru Maa’s sister.

Guru Maa tells Naman that her sister is afraid of Sanam that is why she was hiding.

Sanam starts hitting Mausi as she took her chutney.

The written update of 27 June 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Ansh tries to kill Piya.

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