Nazar Written Update 27th September 2019: Piya & Ansh stop Pari

Nazar Written Update 27th September 2019: Piya & Ansh stop Pari

Nazar 27th September 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 27 Sep episode starts with Naman crying over his wife going missing. Meanwhile, Mohana tries to leave the basement while Nishant hears the egg shouting.

Piya uses some liquid to help Adi get free from objects he is holding. Meanwhile, Nishant reaches to find the egg absorbing the energy of all creatures.

Mohana distracts Nishant and takes the egg. At the same time, Piya is worried about Pari behaving weirdly.

Mohana talks about someone ancient returning and the egg opening at the right time. She calls Pari for help to enter the Pataal Ketki waterfall.

Piya and Ansh try to stop Pari but she is adamant to go to Mohana. At the same time, Adi comes to stop his sister and holds her hand.

Mohana decides to enter the Pataal Ketki waterfall on her own even if it hurts her. Later, Naman tries to wake Sanam up and Nishant deduces she is still alive.

Meanwhile, Piya and Ansh try to deduce the way to find the reality of egg. Shekhar says only Mohana can help them as she is a Daayan.

He further reveals that Mohana has escaped Bandaap temple. They also deduce that Pari has helped Mohana in escaping.

Nishant finds something in the book and asks Saavi to get ready. Meanwhile, Ansh also has some plan to help Pari.

The written update of 27 September 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Some dangerous creature will get introduced by Mohana. 

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