Nazar Written Update 29th July 2019: Adi turns into a snake

Nazar Written Update 29th July 2019: Adi turns into a snake

Nazar 29th July 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 29 Jul episode starts with Ansh and Piya discussing Divya’s wrong motives. At the same time, Aditya removes the Rudraksha necklace.

Adi turns into a blue coloured snake while Piya wonders about Divya’s next move.

Divya declares the war has begun. She says Adi must have turned into a snake and that he will bite someone and Rathores have to come out of their safety zone.

Next morning, Chaitali finds the skin of a snake.

Meanwhile, Sanam and Panna are trying to find a way to get inside the temple. They use a human to get the stone.

Saavi and Nishant try to find out about the snake in the house by using Sarp Chhaya. They try to find the location of the snake while Adi doesn’t stop crying.

The Sarp Chhaya guides them to Ansh’s room. Piya realizes that Adi is the snake. Meanwhile, Adi turns into a snake in front of Ansh and bites him.

Ansh starts turning blue while everyone gets worried for him. Piya asks from Nishant of some way to save Ansh.

The written update of 29 July 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Nishant declares there is no treatment for the poison inside Ansh.

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