Nazar Written Update 29th May 2019: Piya & Munna in danger

Nazar Written Update 29th May 2019: Piya & Munna in danger

Nazar 29th May 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 29 May episode starts with Rathod family members discussing about Mohanna. Avinash says we should be happy that we are safe.

Naman, Saavi, and Sanam find a Door Dhwani pot in a room. Saavi says we can hear far away noises using this pot.

They hear the sound of birds chirping. Naman says it’s the voice of Neel Bharadwaj bird. Naman guides Saavi and Sanam to the Neel Bharadwaj tree.

Saavi gets shocked to hear the noise of bats. Sanam sees the bracelet on the tree which Tara tied on the parrot’s foot. She pulls out the bracelet.  Suddenly, the bats start following them.

Piya brings Adi to a park. Piya’s car gets buried in the ground. She craves for help. Ansh waits for Piya and Adi in the park.

Ansh’s look alike stares at Piya who is craving for help. He covers the car completely with mud.

Nishant tells Vedashri that soon Ansh will face an injury and will have to live a life like a disabled person in the future.

Ansh searches for Piya and Munna. Piya asks Adi to leave the cloth on the ground to give a clue to Ansh. Ansh sees the cloth.

The written update of 29 May 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

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