Nazar Written Update 2nd May 2019: Saavi gets a clue

Nazar Written Update 2nd May 2019: Saavi gets a clue

Nazar 2nd May 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 2 May episode starts with Shalaka threatening Mohanna. Mohanna states that she is innocent. Ansh watches all this.

Shalaka warns Mohanna that soon she will get to learn about her son’s murderer when she will find his dead body.

Ansh calls Nishant and tells him that we will soon have to dispose of Rahul’s body to save Piya.

Saavi and Naman try to put Panna’s nail in the magical pot to get rid of the instrument. They fail as the nail pops out every time.

Naman learns from the Dayan rahasya that they should put the belonging of only that person who has the blood relation with the Asuransh.

Saavi gets a doubt that Panna is not Mayank’s mother. Meanwhile, Panna talks to a child’s photo and says that she can do anything for her son.

Naman comes to Tara in a disguised avatar. He hands over a chit to her.

Nishant and Panditji create an atmosphere similar to the Kohra world. They fail to get an answer from the process.

Shalaka comes to Ansh. She warns him not to fool her. Ansh challenges her to find her son. Shalaka asks Ansh about the killer. Ansh refuses to answer.

Mohanna tries to find a method to destroy Rahul’s dead body. Shalaka comes to Mohanna and tells her that Ansh revealed that she is the killer.

Shalaka holds Mohanna to take her to the Kohra world. Mohanna says she will tell her about the killer if she forgives her.

The written update of 2 May 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

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