Nazar Written Update 30th July 2019: Ansh tries to jump off the balcony

Nazar Written Update 30th July 2019: Ansh tries to jump off the balcony

Nazar 30th July 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 30 Jul episode starts with Nishant telling Piya to put some of Ansh’s hair in the holy water. The water turns blue. Nishant declares the poison inside Ansh is very dangerous.

He further says only Divya can save Ansh. Piya decides to bring Divya but Ansh stops her and warns that Divya’s plan will succeed by going out.

Meanwhile, Naman stops Sanam and Panna from taking the precious stone. But Sanam takes the bow and arrow and asks for the stone back.

Nishant, Saavi, and Piya decide to find a cure for the poison inside Ansh. Piya gets worried for Adi but Nishant says he is very dangerous for them.

Ansh starts hallucinating things as an effect of the poison. He first sees Piya and then hears some voice from the hall.

In the hall he sees the blue snake holding everyone in its grip. He keeps on repeating he will save everyone. The hallucination makes him stand on the edge of the balcony and starts to jump off it.

His wings get on fire through an electric wire but Vedashree saves him. Vedashree decides to pray to Goddess for saving his son.

Later, Mohana comes to manipulate Vedashree against Piya and Nishant. She gets half successful in scaring Vedashree. Ansh tries to console her mother and tells her not to believe Mohana.

Ansh’s pulse starts dropping and he doesn’t open his eyes while Nishant is ready with the antidote.

The written update of 30 July 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Saavi gets scared and drops the antidote while Vedashree doubts the Reevavanshi.

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