Nazar Written Update 30th May 2019: Karan helps Ansh

Nazar Written Update 30th May 2019: Karan helps Ansh

Nazar 30th May 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 30 May episode starts with Piya craving for help. Ansh gets the cloth piece and feels that Piya is somewhere around.

Piya uses her Devik powers to bring disturbance in the ground. Ansh learns that Piya is beneath the ground.

Ansh pulls the car up on the ground using his Daavansh powers. Ansh’s look-alike comes and misbalances the car.

He then comes there and enacts to help Ansh. Ansh and Piya return to Rathod house. Ansh introduces his look-alike to his family members.

Rathod family members get shocked to see Ansh’s doppelganger. Ansh says the guy is Karan, his twin brother.

Vedashri tries to shower love on Karan but he asks her not to fake love in front of him. He blames Vedashri for leaving him alone because of his disability.

Ansh tries to explain everything to Karan but he refuses to pay heed to his words. Mohanna comes there and says she told everything to Karan.

Vedashri says she knew about Karan before but Mohanna told her that he died during his childhood. Karan blames Vedashri for everything.

Karan says his mother is Mohanna and not Vedashri. Karan tells Mohanna that he has a secret motive behind his arrival.

Saavi, Naman, and Sanam try to find out the secrets of Neel Bharadwaj tree. Before they could learn anything, Sanam drops the bowl with a special potion.

They find Panna’s footprints on the ground.

The written update of 30 May 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

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