Nazar Written Update 31st July 2019: Divya starts the war

Nazar Written Update 31st July 2019: Divya starts the war

Nazar 31st July 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 31 Jul episode starts with Saavi dropping the antidote after getting scared to see Adi disappear. Vedashree sees this and doubts the Reevavanshi’s for not having any intention to save Ansh.

Meanwhile, Sanam saves his husband from Panna’s coins.

Shekhar informs everyone that Ansh has disappeared. They all deduce Vedashree has taken Ansh to Divya to save him.

At the same time, Vedashree drives Ansh to Divya while Piya and Nishant follow them. They see a storm approaching and lots of birds dying on the way.

Nishant tells Piya that she can save Ansh from the poison with the help of lightning from the sky. Piya traps some amount of lightning in the jar with her powers.

Vedashree brings Ansh to Divya and asks to save his son. Divya proposes to kill him instead. She approaches to attack Ansh but is stopped by Vedashree.

Vedashree attacks Divya and successfully takes the sword from her. She asks for the antidote for the poison inside Ansh.

Divya manipulates Vedashree and asks to kill her to save Ansh. She does this to start the war before the moon turns fully red.

When Vedashree gets distracted with Piya’s voice Divya attacks herself with the sword.

Divya informs Piya that Daayanvanshi has started the war and that she has to do something to save her sister and father. She gives the sword in Piya’s hand.

The written update of 31 July 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

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