Nazar Written Update 31st May 2019: Karan is hiding a truth

Nazar Written Update 31st May 2019: Karan is hiding a truth

Nazar 31st May 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 31 May episode starts with Karan. Ansh and Piya find the key to open the box placed in Karan’s room. Piya says she is not feeling good to doubt Karan.

Ansh agrees with Piya. Karan comes there and gets angry on them for searching through his stuff. Piya says Adi is in the box.

Piya and Ansh request Karan to open the box for Adi’s sake. Karan refuses to open the box. Adi comes out of the box on his own.

Sanam, Saavi, and Naman get shocked to see animal footprints on the floor. Saavi closes the door to stop her from escaping.

The footprints disappear. Saavi says Panna has escaped.

Ansh gets a chain from Adi’s hands. He gets shocked to see Karan’s family photo in the locket attached to the chain.

Piya says Adi must have taken the chain from Karan’s box. Ansh says this must be Karan’s wife and son’s picture.

Saavi brings a special glass sheet to trap Panna.

Piya and Ansh decide to open the boxes to learn about the secret that Karan is hiding from them. 

Saavi, Naman, and Sanam see through the glass film. Before they could catch Panna, Sanam hits the glass and breaks it.

Ansh and Piya open the boxes and find statues of a woman and a child.

Saavi gives special shades to Naman through which they can see Panna.

Karan tells Mohanna that he is here to avenge Piya and Adi because Divya made his wife and child into a stone statue.

Naman and Saavi see Panna following them. Panna freezes when she steps on the ginger juice. Saavi traps Panna.

The written update of 31 May 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

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