Nazar Written Update 3rd December 2019: Rathods are devastated

Nazar Written Update 3rd December 2019: Rathods are devastated

Nazar 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 3 Dec episode starts with Rathods rushing to help Pari. They try to wake her up but she is already dead. Vedashree asks Nishant and Piya to use some ointment.

Nishant tries to check Pari and reveals she is no more. Everybody starts crying and mourns the death of their beloved daughter while at the same time, Mohana arrives with a box.

Mohana declares it is just the beginning while Piya gets mad and tries to kill Mohana. She is fast and escapes her clutches. Rathods get devastated with Pari’s death and remember the memories shared with her.

After a week, Nishant and Saavi feel helpless and can’t find a way to bring Pari back. Meanwhile, Piya and Ansh have kept Pari in a frozen box and remember the moments spent with her.

Ansh doesn’t want Piya to have false hope while Piya still feels Pari will be back. Later, Piya orders colors and coloring books for Pari while everyone gets devastated to see Piya’s condition.

Piya imagines Pari coming towards her while Mohana is enjoying her victory and is taking a bath. She remembers how she tricked the Sarp in crossing the Jheel.

Mohana hears some voice while a snake enters her bathroom to take revenge.

The written update of 3 December 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Nishant and Saavi deduce that Pari couldn’t have died with the broken Trikon Dhatu. 

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