Nazar Written Update 4th June 2019: Karan tricks Piya & Ansh

Nazar Written Update 4th June 2019: Karan tricks Piya & Ansh

Nazar 4th June 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 4 Jun episode starts with Vedashri blaming herself for Karan’s condition. Ansh says we will find out everything about Karan’s past and will help him get over the pain.

Karan comes there and says that his wife and child are not dead but someone has made them statues. Ansh says we will do everything possible to help Karan.

Karan says he can bring his wife and child back to life with a special puja which requires Adi and Piya’s presence. He adds that Divya made his wife and son a statue.

Piya states that she is not sure about the puja. Ansh and other Rathod family members try to convince Piya for the same.

Karan tells Mohanna that when Piya and Adi will sit in front of his wife and son’s statues then he can bring them to life.

Piya questions Karan about the reason behind Divya attacking him. Karan says Divya mistakenly hit his wife and son.

Piya counters him by saying that her mother can never miss her target.

Mohanna comes and instigates Karan against Piya. Ansh tells Karan that he cannot force Piya to do something. Karan says he will leave this house.

Saavi gets tensed seeing Naman and Sanam getting married.

Piya comes to Karan and agrees for the puja. Nishant is trapped by Karan.

The written update of 4 June 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

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