Nazar Written Update 4th November 2019: Piya turns into Daayan

Nazar Written Update 4th November 2019: Piya turns into Daayan

Nazar 4th November 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 4 Nov episode starts with Piya hearing voices from her room and finding the Daayan mirror there. She finds the Daayan Ansh bathing and immediately knows he is not real Ansh.

Piya tries to escape the mirror but gets trapped in the bathtub water. Piya’s Daayan version comes out of the bathtub. Nishant learns that Piya and Ansh are trapped in the mirror.

Kalashri wishes to trap Adi and Pari in the Daayan mirror. Meanwhile, Nishant decides to cut the Daayan mirror using the Daayan diamond.

Later, Vedashree and Shekhar come out of lift and Shekhar also gets trapped in the mirror. Kalashri creates branches of Daayan tree inside the mirror.

Kalashri tries to get Adi and Pari out of the room but they refuse to open the door. She also uses Ansh’s voice to get them back but Adi sees Vedashree’s Daayan version outside the door.

Vedashree finds the behavior of family members weird and later everyone refuses to eat the Prasad. She also finds Ansh and Piya’s behavior weird and rude.

Meanwhile, Naman is worried about finding an evil spirit. Chota Pehalwan asks Naman to bring gold for him to eat so that he gets cured.

Nishant and Panditji go on a dangerous path to find Daayan diamond.

The written update of 4 November 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

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