Nazar Written Update 5th February 2020: Ansh stuns the family

Nazar Written Update 5th February 2020: Ansh stuns the family

Nazar 5th February 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 5 Feb episode starts with Mohana introducing Ansh to a girl named Vidya and her family. She wishes to get him married while Ansh gets worried.

Ansh wishes to reveal the truth to Mohana about Piya. Later, Ansh finds Vidya trapped in plants and learns that it is done by Piya. She acts obsessively and wishes to kill Vidya.

Meanwhile, Naman is jealous to see Saavi with a boy. Saavi reveals that she will go to the US with the boy while Naman gets upset with her declaration.

Rathods are upset and don’t know how to handle both Piya and Mohana. Later, Nishant receives a plant from an ant because of which Piya is infected.

Mohana reveals that she has invited their neighbors in their house to talk about Ansh’s marriage. Meanwhile, Ansh tries to take Piya in their room while Piya feels powerful and her eyes turn green.

Piya mocks Ansh for getting scared of Mohana. Elsewhere, Nishant is shocked to see the part of the plant trying to burn the Daayan Rahasya.

He reads something about Visharika in the book. Later, Mohana had seen a girl in Ansh’s room and thinks he feels lonely. She reveals that she has organized a Swayam Vadhu function for Ansh.

Nishant learns that Visharika was a Daayan and is the enemy of Mohana. She turned into a tree and whoever comes in its contact turns the enemy of Mohana. Ansh is not ready for the Swayamvadhu while Rathods try to convince him.

The written update of 5 February 2020  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Mohana and Piya come face to face and get angry.

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