Nazar Written Update 5th June 2019: Nishant warns Ansh

Nazar Written Update 5th June 2019: Nishant warns Ansh

Nazar 5th June 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 5 Jun episode starts with Karan bringing the Rathod family members to his room for the puja.

He adds that the family members will have to light up the diyas while Piya and Munna will perform the other rituals of the puja.

Mohanna says it is for the wellbeing of Mansi and Krish. Vedashri fails to trust Mohanna. But when Karan asks them to do so the family members agree.

Nishant talks to himself and says that he needs to inform Ansh about Karan’s intentions. He takes the help of the Daayan vriksh to send the message to Ansh.

Karan takes Piya and Adi along with him for performing his puja. Mohanna talks in her mind and says that soon Karan will put the curse on Piya and Adi.

The roots of the Daayan vriksh come to Ansh and transmit Nishant’s message. He warns Ansh to save Piya and Adi from the golden sand. Ansh sees the golden sand on the floor and learns that Karan is going to attack Piya and Adi.

Suddenly, the Rathod family members turn into stone statues. Ansh rushes behind Karan.

Naman comes along with Sanam to his house. He takes the blessings of his mother, Gurumaa. Sanam clears off her footprints by spilling water.

Saavi gets suspicious on Sanam but Naman fails to doubt Sanam.

The written update of 5 June 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

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