Nazar Written Update 5th November 2019: Kalashri's diabolical plan

Nazar Written Update 5th November 2019: Kalashri's diabolical plan

Nazar 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 5 Nov episode starts with Vedashree wondering why there are broken mirror pieces in the house. Adi and Pari also run away from her thinking she is a Daayan.

But at the same time, they see Kalashri and get confused. They enter Mohana’s room and hide under the Pataal Ketki tomb.

Kalashri also arrives and kids tell her she is not Vedashree. Kalashri tells Mohana her plan of uniting with Vedashree to become Maha Daayan.

Later, she comes in front of Vedashree who gets shocked to see her twin sister. She shows her the Daayan versions of Avinash and Chaitali.

Nishant and Panditji come to help the Rathods. Nishant creates fog in the house while he asks Mohana for help. He asks for Daayan diamond and Mohana agrees.

Kalashri enquires from Panditji about Nishant’s plan. He is about to reveal but sees her Daayan form through the net. Meanwhile, Mohana removes Daayan Diamond from one of her eyes.

Panditji gets surrounded by Kalashri and other Daayans. Kalashri traps him in her braid but throws him somewhere in the house and decides to find Nishant.

The written update of 5 November 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Nishant is about to give the diamond to Kalashri when he sees her through the net.

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