Nazar Written Update 6th February 2020: Piya is furious

Nazar Written Update 6th February 2020: Piya is furious

Nazar 6th February 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 6 Feb episode starts with Ansh refusing to marry anyone else. Rathods are not sure about Ansh’s declaration while the guests ask about Ansh.

The family members ask Ansh to carry on with the day while Ansh refuses to marry anyone in front of Mohana. Mohana wants him to move on in life.

She gets angry when Ansh wants to take his own decisions. Rathods try to console Mohana in believing that Ansh needs time to get mentally prepared.

Nishant seeks help from Prathmayan while Ansh says he will give marriage a thought. At the same time, Piya arrives and Mohana gets angry to see her.

Piya also loses her cool as she has turned into Visharika. Vedashree and Ansh try to distract Mohana and Piya respectively to avoid their fight.

Mohana remembers about Visharika after seeing Piya’s green eyes and red hair. Piya declares that she wants Mohana to get powerless and agrees to do as Ansh instructs.

Nishant instructs Vedashree to handle Mohana and let Ansh handle Piya. He reveals that within 2 days Mohana will lose her powers forever.

Meanwhile, Naman tries to get the guests at Saavi’s place to leave. He also suggests that they should take some time to decide. The boy decides to take Saavi out to spend some time.

The written update of 6 February 2020  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Piya decides to organize a Swayamvar for herself.

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