Nazar Written Update 6th June 2019: Nishant rescues Rathods

Nazar Written Update 6th June 2019: Nishant rescues Rathods

Nazar 6th June 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 6 Jun episode starts with Karan bringing Piya and Adi to a secret place. Piya fires multiple questions on Karan but he asks her to only focus on the puja.

Nishant comes to Rathod house and finds the family members in the frozen state. He easily realizes that Mohanna is helping Karan.

Piya tells Karan that she is ready to perform the puja rituals. Meanwhile, Nishant makes a special concoction to free Rathod family members.

He spills the concoction on them and brings the family members back to life. Vedashri says we need to save Piya and Adi in the first place.

Karan feels guilty for putting Ansh’s family at stake. He adds that he is helpless to do all this for the sake of his wife and son.

Nishant asks Vedashri if she has anything that belongs to Karan. Chaitali gives the chain pendant to Nishant. Nishant says this will help us to stop Karan.

Karan makes Piya and Adi stand in front of the boxes. He then tries to blow the golden sand on Piya and Adi. Suddenly, the trees bend down to cover Piya and Adi. Piya gets suspicious.

Nishant does a procedure which can stop Karan. He says this process will trap Karan in a loop of fire. Vedashri stops Nishant by taking away the pendant.

Vedashri says we need to stop Mohanna and not harm Karan.

Dilruba comes in her Chudail avatar. She fools Naman. Saavi tells Guruma that Sanam is a Chudail.

The written update of 6 June 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

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