Nazar Written Update 6th September 2019: Mohana saves Urvashi

Nazar Written Update 6th September 2019: Mohana saves Urvashi

Nazar 6th September 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 6 Sep episode starts with Pari and Adi thinking their parents will reunite. At the same time, Ansh and Piya inform their kids that they need to leave soon.

Meanwhile, Urvashi gets trapped in a net while Rathods search for the source of the voice. Mohana uses Bhasmchhaya to remove the ashes so that she can save Urvashi.

Adi and Piya share an emotional goodbye. Pari tells Ansh that they are leaving Mumbai within 2 days.

Mohana reaches on time to save Urvashi but Vedashree also comes and thinks Mohana has trapped her.

Sanam brings Nishant, Saavi, and Naman to the place where Mohana created Bhasmika. Meanwhile, Adi reveals to Ansh that Urvashi attacked him at the camp.

Ansh wants Urvashi to leave when she agrees she attacked Adi. Vedashree comes and tells that Mohana is behind creating a fake Urvashi.

At the same time, Nishant decides to do some tests on the ashes from which Bhasmika is born. Later, Nishant and Saavi go to Rathod house to deal with Mohana.

They put her in a box whose air will turn Mohana into stone. Pari decides to go to Rathod house to talk to her father.

The written update of 6 September 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Rathods celebrate Ganpati festival while Pari reaches their house to convince Ansh.

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